Upcoming Litter's

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We are recommended to get on the deposit list when wanting a puppy from us. Although we expect litters throughout the year, we can't control the Color & Sex and the number of puppies we will have. With that being said we require a deposit to be placed which are limited for each color and gender. if interested in putting a deposit down please go to my deposit tab and there with be a deposit contract PDF and more information. We also will need a Puppy Application filled out as well and either mailed or emailed back. thank you for understanding. 

Please Click above link to Fill out our puppy Application, Once you fill out the application and Email it over to us we can review and decide if you will be a good fit for one of our pups. Once you're approved you can then place a Waitlist Deposit. Waitlist Deposits are $350 NON-REFUNDABLE!

For more information on pricing we have it posted on our policy tab or under available puppies! please fill free to as questions.

There is no more planned litters for 2022 as its getting hard to get rid of puppies. we will see how market is going in 2023 to see who we will breed and who we will skip. if you have a preferred cross you would like to place a deposit for please let me know as we will consider crossing. Thank you for understanding. Have a great rest 2022!! watch for updates in 2023!