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Frequently asked Questions:

1.How Much Are Your Puppies?

Our Merles start at $1800+ Pet Price and Our Tri's Start at $1300+ Pet price.(Blue eyed          tri's tent to cost more) Final Pricing is done at 6 weeks old. There is additional amount for        full rights ($1,000 more) Our puppies include a strict de worming schedule, age                      appropriate shots, a health guarantee contract, microchipped, genetic & Coat tested parents and ASDR registration papers ($30).

2. Do you Ship? How Much is Shipping?

Yes we do Fly and ground ship puppies to US and Canada. The Cost is usually between          $650-$1000 depending on the shipper or flight nanny and the time of the year. I do                charge $75 extra if flying as the closest international air port is 4 hours away from me. 

3. How does the waitlist work?

 We take deposits on contract down with buyers information, sex of puppy, color of puppy       and then the NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit. Once litter is born we post pictures of puppies.         Once Puppies are 2 weeks old we send  pictures to deposit list. buyer has 12 hours to pick a       puppy, once puppies have been chosen, we allow everyone to name their puppies                       so we  can start calling them by name. Also  we start tagging you in all photos as well as             sending you weekly updates.

4. Will Tails and dewclaws be removed?

       Yes we will have tails and dewclaws removed as that is breed standard's. Upon request               and paid in full at 72 hours old we will keep tails on.

5. Can you meet half way for drop off?

Yes, I will travel 150 miles round trip at my cost. anything over round trip is at your cost           and I go off government rates of .66 cents a mile that will be charged to buyer before                 seller leaves Milton- Freewater. And anything over 300 miles is $125 extra

6. Do you give Discounts to Military or First responders?

Yes I Do give discounts to first responders and Military, as I am very thankful for all they            do/ have done. With having a sister who is a first responder all first responders and                    military are important to me.  

7. Do you offer discount on returning customers?

Yes we do offer a discount on returning customers.

8. Do you Sell With Full Rights?

Yes to approved breeding programs only. more details about full rights on Policy page at bottom. please fill free to ask me about full rights. they are $1000.00 on top of pet price, NO I will not lower price. This is a investment. Deals can be made.

9. What Forms of Payment do you accept?

We Accept cash, Venmo (you have to be my friend prior to sending money). We DO NOT            accept checks for final payment and prefer cash for final payment, if paying                                electronic I need the final payment a week before pick up.

10. Size range? (At Withers)

Toy: 10-14 inches

Mini: 14-18 Inches

Standard: 18-23 inches

Mine range from 13-16 inches

11. What kind of temperament?

 Mini Aussies are very Intelligent, Loyal, Energetic, Trainable.

12. Colors?

I am very lucky and always have all colors possible on all my litters as my male is Red Factored.

       * Red Merle, Red Tri, Blue Merle, Black Tri*

13. How much do Toy & Mini Aussies Weight?

They range between 15-30 lbs

14. Do Mini Aussies Shed a lot?

They shed a fair amount but its mainly during Shedding Season Twice a hear in the spring                   and in the Fall.

** Mini Aussies have a Double Coat, with a longer outer layer and a wooly undercoat.**

15. When Does my puppy have to be paid in full?

Puppies have to be paid in full Before going home. We usually take remaining of                                   payment  when picked up in cash. if puppy is  getting  shipped they have to be paid in full                     a week before leaving. IF you are paying through Venmo or Zelle you MUST pay 1 week prior to           picking up puppy. But we Prefer cash only for remaining at pick up. 

16. How Do Mini aussies get along with children and other animals?

Aussies are great with children and are wonderful family pets. They are also accepting of                    other animals in the house hold.

17. What Does the Genetic Testing Consist of?

  •  We Genetic Test all of our adult dogs for any diseases that could affect the health and life of              your new puppy.

  • Each Gene Tested has 2 Possible outcomes. Clear and Carrier.

    • Clear: means they are not at risk for the disease, and can't pass any of the unwanted genes to their puppies.

    • Carrier: They are not at risk for the disease, but could pass the gene to their puppies. If the gene is passed down, the puppy would also become a carrier.

  • There are 9 diseases that the Australian Shepherds is susceptible for. We test for each. Those        Diseases are ( click on the link for more detail on what that disease affects and consists of):

    • CEA: Collie Eye Anomaly

    • CD: Cone Degeneration

    • DM: Degenerative Myelopathy

    • HC: Hereditary Cataracts

    • HUU: Hyperuricosuria

    • MDR1: Multidrug Resistance 1

    • CMR1: Multifocal Retinopathy 1

    • NCL6: Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6

    • PRA-PRCD: Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod- Cone Degeneration


18. I Often get asked why our deposits are Non Refundable. Click on the link and it gives so much information on why we do this.


19. Why Choose Sparkling Cross Mini Aussies?

 Sparkling Cross has hand raised quality mini & toy Aussies, we truly care about providing you           the buyer, with the best puppy buying experience possible. We have lots of knowledge on Mini             Aussies. We stand behind our puppies 100% offering you  a lifetime of support and guidance.

20. Why Are They Priced so high?

This clarifies to most who take the time to research our program and compare it to others,                  however we do receive this question on occasion. Our Costs are no different than the cost of                any  ethical breeder on the market. Sparkling Cross  invests the absolute best into our litters                and Sires/Dams are hand picked and proven quality by all the certifications, registration and                genetic testing. You get a healthy, well rounded puppy that fits your needs and all the support              you could imagine from us. You can expect to pay between $2500-$3500 for a quality bred              puppy by a reputable breeder. The hours we put into our puppies properly socializing and                    desensitizing them, advertising, keeping up with our website, communicating with prospective              buyers, updating current buyers, and the time it takes to clean and sanitize things Dailey is my              passion and my job.


Puppies from great lineage cost more on the front end, to better ensure a great dog that lives               up to the wonderful characteristics they are known for when bred properly. Buyers looking for             the cheapest puppies on the front end will usually end up costing them thousands more on the           back end with behavioral/health issues. Nit to mention their sanity, which is priceless. There's               cheaper everything in this world. Ethical breeders like myself put thousands more dollars and               hours into our dogs to save buyers thousands down the road.

21. Are Mini Aussies Good Emotional Support Animals?

Yes Aussies are wonderful Therapy dogs for many reasons. First, and for most is the                             temperament . They are easy going and  are very loyal and love to spend time with people,                   Affectionate, courageous, they are good about sensing when something is wrong and are very             smart to adapt to situations and love to please. This Breed is Highly intelligent, so the extensive           training involved with becoming a therapy dog will not overwhelm a Mini Aussie. To the benefit           of the dog, this job can provide the mental challenge and the physical activity for the health                 and happiness that mini aussies like.

22. Can we dual register our puppies with AKC & ASDR?

Yes, We are working on Dual registering our dogs with AKC & ASDR as we speak so that will be an option!

23. What is Registration and Benefit of Registering my puppy?

Registration is like a car title. It has your puppies linage, Background, and also is registered to you with all the info for you puppy.

24. Can we video chat with you and the puppy?

Yes of course! I would be more than happy to video chat and show you your puppy. I use Facetime on iPhone, Facebook Video Chat, Duo, zoom. 

Please fill free to message me with any other questions! 

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