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Recommended Stuff we use:
Click on pictures for links!

Dog Food:

Nutri Source Dog food

I have switched from  Pro Plan to Nutri Source and it has made a huge difference in my dogs coat and health! they eat it right up. Pro plan was great until they started changing their ingredients and my dogs stopped eating it. This food has been a game changer! you can get it from D& B and some pet stores, amazon, and Petflow.

I get mine form petflow and they deliver it to my house and has discounts! if you use my referral code you will get an extra $10 off 

Flea & Tick // Wormers
Interceptor wormer
Flea and Tick: we use Sentry plus which is compared to frontline the same ones you get from the vet clinic. You can order a 6 month supply from your vet or you can get them from I have found for it to be cheaper off chewy, they send it to your vet to be approved so this will go in the puppys chart. 
Wormer: I use Interceptor and Safe guard for adult dogs.Its good to switch it up between the two Safeguard and the interceptor as they both take care of different worms. For the puppies i worm withy the pyrantel up until 8 weeks.
Safeguard wormer
pyrentel wormer
Sentry flea and tick
Dog Chews// Treats
Cow hooves
Filled cow hooves
My dogs absolutely LOVE the cow hooves. 

Cow hooves are a go-to treat/chew for my dogs and pups. They are very easily digestible and don’t affect any of my dog’s stools either. They entertain dogs and puppies for hours at a time. Good chew to give at bedtime or during the day when home alone, also when crate training too! They also work great to clean tarter off their teeth!

You can buy them locally or order online or just about anywhere. I stick to the plain hooves, but they do come peanut butter filled as well.

All These chews listed is my dogs favorite even my picky eaters love them.

Himalayan chews
Pig ears
Zuke treats
Blue Buff treats
Whimzees chews

Brushes & Shampoo's

slicker brush
My go to brushes are the undercoat rake and self-cleaning slicker brush.

Self Cleaning Brush:

Your pet will love this Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs, Large:

It features a convex shape that follows the natural curves of your dog’s body as you brush.

Undercoat Rake:

Your pet will love this ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake, Medium:

It has wide, long pins to help extract shed hair out of the deepest layers of your Aussie’s coat


These shampoo's smells amazing and can help with many different things. Tropicalean also has other products. i use it all as the smell is amazing. they have fresh sprays, flea and tick shampoo and bed spray and collars, they also have a ear cleaner that works good, Body Wipes. Tropiclean is known for its long lasting scent, and making your pet super soft. 

The best place to get these product is

Here is a PDF with more info on the shampoo's:

Crates & Beds

Kennel crate

I recommend this crate and getting it on this size so you dont have to buy one to fit as apuppy and then another one once they are done growing this kennel size will fit them through whole life span.

crate bed

Collars, Leashes, Harness, ID Tags


These collars are comfy for your dogs and has the safety lock on it. They come in lots of pretty colors and also has reflector. The harness and leashes have the reflector on it also and come in matching colors! You can get any of these off Chewy or Amazon.


I ABSOLUTLY love these apple air tags on my dogs especially when we are traveling and on hikes if they wonder off you can track them! (if you have a apple phone)

Slip lead
ID tag
Chuck it

I have tried many different toys. By far the ones my dogs have loved and also has lasted are the Chuck it, Kong, Nylabone. Of course anything KONG lasts forever and great for those that demolish their toys!

mammoth rope
kong floppy elephant
flat squeaking unicorn
nylabone dinosaur
kong frizbee
nylabone teething bone
chuck it ball

CBD Treats

CBD calming chews

These treats are amazing!  I use them before going on long car rides and if dogs get car sick easy. These work great during the 4th of July or during storms when dogs get scared these CBD's helps keep them calmer. 

Miscellaneous// On the Go

round pen
airline carrier
car sling
travel food adn container
seat belt leash's
slow feeder
folding travel bowles

Sites I Trust and like to use:


I Absolutely love chewy. They Deliver to your door step and offer 1-2 day shipping also Free shipping on orders over $49. I do the AutoShip program and it saves me 5% on my order which makes it cheaper then pet stores. I order all my puppy Toys off of chewy or amazon but normally chewy is cheaper. They have great customer service when I have had to call in regarding a return on a harness that was to small and they sent me a new one and told me to donate to a humane society!

Pup box

PupBox is amazing for new puppy owners! When I got my first puppy I was recommended to PupBox. This is how it works, Our mission is to help you navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of every stage of your pup’s life. Each month, your pup will receive a box filled with all the toys, treats, accessories and training info you need to be the best parent pawsible! Everything is tested by real dogs and customized to grow with your pup, making sure they always have everything – at the right time.

This includes: Training guides, Treats, Toys, Chews, and accessories. If this sounds like something you would be interested in check them out. My link is connected to the logo and your first order is 50% off and Free shipping to your door. 

puppy culture

Puppy Culture is a great recourse for training and raising your puppy from experts for all stages of life. I send one a beginner booklet with puppy in packet to help get you started.


American Stock Dog is the Registry your puppies are enrolled in. IF you click on the picture this will take you to their website that has lots of info.

Fet ID

Fetch ID is the Chip we use. by clicking on this link it will take you to the site to register your puppies chip which is very important. if you do not register your chip it will not be activated.

trupanion pet insurance

Trupanion is the pet insurance we offer new puppy owners 30 days free to you. if you click on the picture it will take you to website.

Paw print genetics logo

Paw Prints is the company we go through for Genetic testing. This is very import to have done in any breeding program. if you click on the link it will take you to my breeder page that has all my dogs test results.

Amazon logo

Amazon Shop is where i have put all my reccomended puppy items to help get you started and what i have found that works great for me! fill free to click on the icon and it will take you to my page!

BAXTER & Bella

To current and upcoming puppy parents: One of the most asked questions we receive from pet parents is, "How do we best prepare for and train our new puppy?"

We have teamed up with them to provide you with an instant 25% off discount for lifetime access to their Online Puppy School! It includes a STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM to follow, CLASSES & COURSES to attend, GAMES to play, ACTIVITIES for successful socialization, unlimited LIVE! HELP with their team of professional trainers, as well as so much more!

We highly recommend it and you can save 25% instantly by entering discount code: SPARKLINGCROSS


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