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Paisley was my first female to start my program. I bought Paisley in 2016 at 6 months old. she has been the best dog I could ever ask for and very spoiled. Paisley is very loving and loves her walks. everyone to ever meet Paisley has fell in love with her personality. Paisleys nick name is Miss Wiggles. She has been a great best friend. she is one you could carry on a conversation with. Paisley is now retired as of 2021 as she has had 5 Litters for us. She also happens to share the same birthday as my sister Colette.  Paisley is now enjoying her life as a retired baby sitter that tries to mother the other puppies. 

stetson 2.jpg
stetson 3.jpg

Waymire's Ridin' West Sir Stetson @ Sparkling Cross

Stetson is a minimal white Dark Red Tri with dark copper and has double blue eyes. Stetson is 16 inches and 29lb. Stetson is such a lover always wants you to pick him up for a hug as soon as you walk in the door and always wants to please. He loves to get in the pool on the floaty and be pushed around. Stetson likes to be involved in the family activity. Stetson has a bedtime he has set for himself at 10:30, he will start getting mouthy around that time telling us its time for him to go to bed (such a dork).

Red Factored: Yes
S Locus: Clear

Dilute: Clear

Yellow: CLear

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