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Our Policies 


  • Sparkling Cross  requires a $400 pet Deposit and a $500 Breeding rights NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy or reserve a puppy from a future litter.

  • It is transferrable to a different puppy.

  • we accept Credit cards through Venmo (please make sure to add me as a friend first).

  • please read Deposit contract. We require a signed copy

      Future Litter Picks:

First pick in any litter is always automatically reserved for Sparkling Cross Aussies. I do not always keep a pup, however i always reserve option.

Our Puppy Picks are done at 5-6 weeks of age. This way i can best assess their temperment and drive, and ensure it is a good fit for you and your family, as well as the puppy. There are times i allow puppies to be reserved before 6 weeks of age. I am happy to work with you to find a dog that will suit your family and your lifestyle.

Payment methods accepted To Hold puppy:

We have such a high demand for babies that we have started accepting pre-deposits on puppies! Pre deposit holders will be contacted first when puppies are born basically giving them "pick of the litter". However, no puppy is considered SOLD until it has been claimed by a pre-deposit holder or someone puts a deposit down after he/she is born. LET IT BE KNOWN, OUR DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE BUT THEY ARE TRANSFERABLE! 

I will give you 5 days from the day you pick your puppy out to receive your payment.

Final Payments are cash

Please message me as times are a little different and prices reflect that
Full Rights: $2500-3500
Pet Price: $1000-$2500

Health Guarantee

We guarantee in writing that your puppy is free from genetic defects for a period of 24 months. If your puppy were to develop any problems caused by genetics we will replace that puppy with one of like sex, and color at the first available breeding. No money will be refunded. Any Claim of a defect must be accompanied with written proof from a licensed veterinarian. All of our puppies and adults are on a vert strict medial program including vaccinations, preventative shots, scheduled de-worming, heart worm preventative, parasite control, vitamins (Nuvet), and a high quality-high protein dog food (Purina Pro Plan).

All puppies are sold as a pet must be spayed or neutered by 8 months of age or health guarantee will be voided.

Transport | Shipping

All of Our puppies can be shipped by air weather permitting. The cost of shipping does not include the price of the puppy. Arrangements for pick up of the puppy or flying arrangements must be made by the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age. Sparkling Cross does charge owners $25 per day after 8 weeks gotcha day (unless discuss other wise), plus any medical charges to keep the puppy current on his/her health schedule. If you decide to pick up puppy, there will be no additional charges for transportation and shipping. estimated shipping ranges between $650-$1000. Health certificates that is required for puppies to fly is $100.

Shipping options:

Best if you are able to come get the puppy. Would love to meet you and go through paperwork. We can also deliver or meet partway for a fee. Also this method lets the puppy travel with minimal exposure to infections and stress. The 2022 fees are $0.58 per mile with an additional $125 if over 300 miles for my time. Air shipping can be done under the right circumstances. Please contact us for details. 

  • Ground Transport

  • Flight Nanny// I have a few I can get you in contact with

  • Fly into Breeders Airport for Pick up

I do charge extra $75 to transport to airport for gas and my time.

Waiting list - We no longer do waitlists. This has taken up lots of time trying to reach everyone on our waitlist. What is happening is people are asking to be put on a waitlist and they are either not ready, found another puppy, or just not replying back when they are the ones who told us to contact them. I'm more then happy to visit with anyone who is on the fence via text message, phone call, messenger.
Applications- We are now requiring applications to be placed for all future puppy buyers. This is for us to help get to know you and what your looking for. This application will need to be filled out along with the deposit contract. IF your not sure about putting a deposit down but want to submit a Application there is a $50 application fee that will take place. By putting in application shows you're ready for the next step. this Application fee doesn't go towards your puppy total. This is also non- refundable.

Not Docking tails - We have no problem not docking your puppies tail, however, we do require you to pay Full purchase price to keep tail. This decision will have to be made within 48 hours of Litter being born.
- Why? We do things this way, as many people want an Aussie with a docked tail, if you decide to back out it will be too late to have the puppies tail docked, so the puppy will have to wait extra long to find the perfect home. Also we follow Breed Standards and that is docking tails and removing dewclaws if not paid in full.
Deposits- Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, Deposits are $350 for Limited Right. $400 for full rights. Your deposit will hold the puppy of choice until their ready to go at 8 weeks.  The remaining amount is due at pick up. (Cash only at pick up) 
Payment- We accept deposits through Venmo (Must add me as a friend first before sending payment). Money order check with tracking. Puppy will be held 5 days until payment is received and clears my account. 

Payment Plans- We do NOT do payment plans unless its in the 8 week span before going home, we recommend saving up then reaching out, or get on our waiting list and save up. 

Final Payment 

The oustanding balance must be paid in CASH the day of pick up, no acceptions I wont take checks or venmo, so please remember to go to bank before coming down to pick up your puppy. The only time I will take a check or venmo for final payment is if puppy is shipping out. This payment will need to be paid 10 days prior to puppy leaving to make sure it clears the banks before they leave. Checks need to be sent 2 weeks in advance. IF I do not recieve the payment 10 days before puppy leaves your puppy will not be shipped out until money has cleared my account no acceptions!

Going Home (Gotcha Day):

Our Puppies are usually ready to go home at 8-10 weeks old. This depends on the readiness of the individual pup. Not very often do they take up to 10 weeks to be ready but can happen.  At 7 weeks Pick up dates need to be discussed and times so it goes smoothly. The Puppy insurance I recommend this gets activated 24 hours Prior to picking up puppy so it is active for when you leave with your puppy home. 

You MUST be prepared to either pick your puppy up, or have your puppy transported to you within 10 days of our release date. We do charge a boarding fee of $30 per day for anything over this period. Boarding fees must be paid in advance.  Furthermore, we also require purchase agreement to be signed by BOTH parties before a dog ever leaves our care-custody-control. This is to obviously to protect EVERYONE involved in the sale! 

We will no longer be allowing people to come to our house to pick up their puppy. This is a safety concern for our program and puppies. We have carefully thought out all options and chose this will be the best. With the mount of theft, diseases-Parvo that will wipe out puppies. There have been many breeders who has been assaulted and had their place scoped out. This world isn’t the same as it use to be. Thank you all for understanding and we appreciate all the love and support. we are happy to facetime anyone that want to see their puppy.

New Home Stress: ​It is Stressful for puppies to leave the place they were raised.  Your puppy may not feel great for a couple days due to the stress of this, they usually come bouncing back after 24-48 hours.   Puppies often get diarrhea when stressed and sometimes it even contains bright blood so do not be alarmed. Fortunately, the diarrhea episode is often short lived and resolves within 24 to 48 hours.  They may go off their feed / fast and this is normal, However a slight built or tiny puppy when off feed can go Hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) and this can be life threatening.  If your puppy goes off food you should watch for signs of Hypoglycemia

​Yogurt and canned pumpkin can assist with loose stools
Diarrhea can cause dehydration so be sure and watch for Signs of dehydration: Dry gums, Lethargy, Loss of skin elasticity.  You may encourage drinking by mixing cranberry juice in water or baby Pedialyte.
See your vet if your puppy shows signs of dehydration or hypoglycemia and refuses liquids or if the diarrhea does not subside in a day or two.

Commitment to You:

When you purchase a puppy from Sparkling Cross Aussies, you have the peace of mind that the health of our dogs and puppies comes first. All puppies will come with their appropriate vaccinations, tail and dew claw removal, parasite free and wellness checkup. It is recommended buyer takes puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving puppy for a health evaluation. Seller is not responsible for any stress related issues from travel or rehoming such as, diarrhea, low blood sugar or fatigue. It is recommended buyer offers food and water immediately upon receiving your puppy if shipped.


We offer a 2 yr genetic health guarantee. In addition, our puppies come with 30 days free health insurance as a just in case. This covers accidents as well, we want your puppy protected. This does not include communicable disease such as parvo, distemper, parasites, heartworms, giardia or coccidia. If said puppy develops a genetic disease within the 2-year period, we will replace puppy with one of the same sex and color at first available breeding. Refunds will be given on a case by case basis.


Breeding rights will be sold to approved programs only and at the discretion of Sparkling Cross Aussies. All male pups are guaranteed to have two testicles descended when you purchase full rights. All other puppies are sold as Pet Only. This does not reflect quality of pup.


When you have decided on a puppy to purchase, that puppy will be placed on hold per your deposit. A $350 deposit will hold your puppy. Deposits are transferable or refundable at my discretion prior to pup becoming 8 weeks of age. Shipping air/ground is available at an additional cost. Puppy must be paid in full before shipping.


Sparkling Cross  Aussies welcomes back any puppy or adult dog raised by us, at any time. It is strongly recommended that every new owner research the breed of their choosing before bringing your new baby home. We are always available to help with the transition of your new family member.

After picking your puppy out, we send updates & pictures once a week (usually on sundays) until 8 weeks old. Please don't ask for more pictures during the week as I do have a normal life and a l outside of breeding as well.

And Most importantly- we GUARANTEE you will have a Happy, healthy puppy. We are not a backyard breeder and we put a lot of time and effort into breeding exceptional & quality toy & mini aussies!

ASDR/ AKC MAS Registration Papers:

In order to receive papers on your puppy you must have paid the full amount for the puppy by seven weeks of age (if not paying cash) or upon pick-up (if paying cash). Papers will be given/filled out upon pick up. To order your Papers its an extra $30 dollars for your registration and I will file it for you and have it mailed to your house. This is like a car title with your puppies linage. 

Full vs Limited Registrations:

Full – Breeding Rights

Limited – Pet Only, no breeding rights

** We are Currently half way done with Dual Registering our dogs with AKC MAS, our dogs are now considered Mini Americans. You will have a option to dual register with both or you can choose between ASDR or AKC when you register your pup.**

Breeding Rights:

I get asked about breeding rights often and the answer  I Normally do not sell with full rights BUT I do make some exceptions. With that being said in order for me to sell full rights I do have a application questionnaire that will need to be filled out. also needs to be an established breeding program. Breeding Rights are $1,000.00 on top of pet price. Remember this is investing so don't ask for cheaper the answer will be NO. Once you have been accepted to buy full rights you will need to do genetic testing on puppy BEFORE breeding. Once this has been done and I get the proof I will file your Full Rights Paperwork with ASDR and have them mailed to your house. 

The reason behind this as there is to many back yard breeders that are not wanting to go the extra mile and do the testing and OFA that should be done to produce quality dogs. My name is listed on those papers and I value and take pride in my breeding program that I have worked very hard to build. I don't want that ruined. If you are wanting to start out and do it the right way I will be more then happy to mentor you and help you along the way!

please fill free to message me with any questions or to find out how to get application or if have any questions!

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